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Datum & tijdstip
28/05/2022 20:30 - 22:00
Dance Forest


As a chef I look for the best ingredients to make a delicious menu. Also as a DJ I use the most exciting music to put together a great track and i just realy love the climax! If my creativity makes people go wild, I am satisfied.


I have always been interested in music, from blues to rock and roll, and from pop to my great love techno and even classical. About 12 years ago I started playing at parties and events, which often lasted from early evening until the next day in the afternoon. I prefer to play techno, or melody techno, tech-house. Joris Voorn is one of the DJs I really enjoy. He has created a unique style of his own. I am now an independent entrepreneur and co-director of a catering company. I try to keep enough time to make my own sets and to develop my own style.

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