Zaterdag / Forest Stage / 19:35 - 20:10

Ever the wayfaring traveler, The Dark Reverend VAN TASTIK has had a film-worthy life.

After years of bohemian drifting around the world, and appearances on the BBC Live, the Sniester Rock Festival and Eden Festival along with several indie films.

In the past year his followers have tripled on Spotify alone and he was awarded Best Classic Rock Act of 2021 by WigWam Radio.

VAN TASTIK’s music is darkness and turmoil and carries an unmistakable musical atmosphere – simultaneously melancholy and energetic with a “voice that evokes energy from the first note”. At his performances he connects his audience through his authenticity, music and humour.

We all have a Darkness inside of us – and VAN TASTIK lets us free the beast.


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