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PLAY/Gros Coeur (BE)

Gros Coeur (BE)


Tijdstip: May 11, 21:15
Podium: Het Takken Toneel

Immerse yourself in the hypnotic world of GROS COEUR, a band that fuses the rhythms of psychedelic rock with tropical heat, taking you on a musical whirlwind that’s both uplifting and soaring. Comprising four brothers at heart, GROS COEUR invite you to shake and soar to their melodies, propelled by funky percussion, groovy bass lines and haunting guitar riffs. Their music is guided by a remarkable fluidity, an intimate bond that unites them and is reflected in their compositions.

Since their formation two years ago, when the first confinements shook the world, GROS COEUR has evolved with each challenge. The troubled times have prompted the quartet to shift from traditional psychedelic rock to a lighter, more danceable sound, offering a welcome escape from the prevailing gloom. The band’s name itself testifies to the deep attachment they feel towards each other, as well as their desire to maintain a refreshing lightness in everything they do.

However, one unwavering constant dominates every GROS COEUR performance: ‘Java’. Much more than just a dance, ‘Java’ is an invitation to explore the diversity of movement and emotion. Their eponymous track symbolises this notion of freedom, offering the possibility of dancing the caterpillar or exploring other rhythms without any limits. It’s on stage that their energies are unleashed, offering an experience for all ages.


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